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Any content added to wikiKrishna will be made available to the general populace for reuse. By adding content you are willingly giving wikiKrishna the right to reuse, copy, distribute or sell information entered by you to any person or organisation.

If you have used another source to add content to wikiKrishna you are expected to type references acknowledging the authors work. You may not claim right ownership, monetary benefit or any other return for your contribution.

You must be registered and logged in to be able to edit content on wikiKrishna. Upon editing you will be identified by your username as the contributor.

wikiKrishna will not sell or make accessible private information about any user to a third party unless required by law or agreed to by the user. If you choose to provide wikiKrishna your email address, this would allow other users to contact you should they wish to. If you choose to subscribe to a mailing list, your email address will become visible to other subscribers. Your email will also be visible to developers of the site.

Information such as time and number of edits, username, etc. of users that have edited content on the site is available publicly. An account once created cannot be deleted. Similarly content added cannot be deleted by a user; even after editing it people may view earlier versions of the page.