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wikiKrishna is a site all about Krishna, the intention is to provide a repository for everything related to Krishna. The site allows volunteers to edit content of the site and enter scriptures, stories and any other information that brings us closer to Krishna and his devotees.

For devotees that desire to learn more about Krishna and his pastimes this site hopes to quench their burning desire. In order to do so, we humbly request and pray to all knowledgeable devotees and scholars to share their knowledge of scriptures and thus spread the love of God.

Let this be a tool to help devotees strengthen their faith, love and devotion for Krishna. May Krishna help make this site a source containing all of Krishna’s pastimes that one could compile based on the writings of great souls before us.

If there is any merit in this humble endeavour and if this pleases Krishna in any way, may Krishna bestow his blessings upon every individual soul that resides in this material world.

May each soul regardless of their birth be endowed with love of God that enables them to conquer the heart of Krishna. May Krishna accept us all in his service.