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How to CREATE a new Wiki page

To create a new Wiki page, follow the below steps:

  • Type in the name you would like the new page to be called as in the Search box at the top of the website and click the Go button.
  • A new page is presented and if there is no page with that name, it would prompt you - whether you would like to create the back.
  • Click on create.

FORMATTING the content

Click - [here], to see the different formatting options.

How to add IMAGES to a Wiki page

Click - here to see the different ways you can add images to a Wiki page.

How to add AUDIO on a Wiki page

Click - [here] to see a detailed help page on how to embed audios on a Wiki page.

How to EMBED VIDEOS on a Wiki page

Click - [here] to see a detailed help page on how to embed videos on a Wiki page.

How to EMBED PDFs on a Wiki page

Step 1: Upload the pdf file by going to the Upload page.

Step 2: Add "{{pdf|Sample.pdf|Example PDF document}}" on the page you would like to add the pdf.

Step 3: In the above syntax, replace the "Sample.pdf" with the pdf file name you have just uploaded. Replace "Example PDF document" with the caption you would like to display for the pdf you've just uploaded.

Removing the title from any page

If you would like to remove the default title that's appended to any page you create, just copy and paste __NO TITLE__ (without a space between NO and TITLE, should have double underscores at either ends) at the start of the page content. That will remove the title.

Simple Table creation


Head 1 Head 2 Head 3
Field 4 Field 5 Field 6
Field 7 Field 8 Field 9

<tab class=wikitable sep=comma head=top>
Head 1,Head 2,Head 3
Field 4,Field 5,Field 6
Field 7,Field 8,Field 9

FREE Live Streaming on WikiKrishna

You can do live streaming of spiritual events with no obligations. Please follow the below steps to setup live streaming on


  1. Google Account
  2. Webcam


1. Log into your google account (You can register for free if you don't have a google account - here.)
2. Once you are logged in, click on the button as shown in "Figure 1".
3. Click on the "Google+" link as shown in "Figure 2".
4. Once you are in Google+, look for the "Hangout" link on the right hand side of the screen as shown in "Figure 3", click it.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3

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